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8 Farmhouse Fabrics You’ll Fall in Love With

            Checkered pillow on top of white couch

Farmhouse Fabrics

If you’re familiar with cotton, linen, gingham, and plaid, then you just discovered textiles that would enhance any room with country charm. These are relaxed fabrics that add a sense of informality to modern house decor.

Farmhouse fabrics tend to be informal but adored by many for the countryside feel. These fabrics can be used for throw pillows, tablecloths, curtains, bed covers, bed skirts, and upholstery fabrics.  

So, let’s get to know them below. If you’re thinking of incorporating farmhouse style into your lovely home, these fabrics and patterns will surely help you create that country feeling!


Buffalo Check

The Buffalo check fabric creates a bold statement of chic and country owing to its overscale pattern and high-contrast palette.

Like this rug:



Staircase with checkered rug

Cabin Checks

Cabin checks are medium-sized checks used in linen and cotton blends.

These are usually dark and light colors and are suitable designs for a tablecloth, bedding, bed covers, and even window dressings.

Take a look at this curtain:



Red and black checkered curtain on a farmhouse room



Ticking Stripes

These fabrics are often seen as covers for mattresses and pillows. Ticking stripes fabrics are sporting white and blue stripes arranged in pairs.

You can use ticking fabrics for your pillow covers, duvet, and cushions.

Have a look at the pillows and duvet:

White-striped duvet on bed

Plaid Perfection

These are farmhouse fabrics usually consisting of sport stripes. They vary in size, crafted from threads of different colors. These are typically designed more intricately than checked fabrics.

Check out the pillows below:


Farmhouse living room


French Toile

When you see a French toile fabric, you would feel right away a French country home feeling.

Most of these patterns are rendered in one main color, like blue, with a lighter background. The fabric used for these is mostly cotton and linen and they are often designed with a pastoral scene of botanical imagery.

Have a look at this living room:


Farmhouse living room

Rural References

Rural Reference fabrics from the word “rural” portray the scene of roosters, barns, barrels, cattle, and root crops that can be found in country settings. These could be feed bag pillows, root crop designed duvets or beddings, and cowhide rugs or doormats.

Check out this curtain:


Checkered curtain on a farmhouse windowsill


Playful Gingham

This fabric is often used in pillow covers, tablecloths, valances, and curtains. They are small checks that would work well on farmhouse prints.

Playful gingham is usually used in cotton with checks of color or white.

See the bench cushion:

Gingham covered pillows on bench

Raw Materials

These are the materials used to make woven fabrics, burlap, and muslin. They bring a rustic farmhouse look into your home. Raw materials are often neutral in color, but because of its irregular weave, it would still stand out.

Also, a great reason if you choose these kinds of fabrics, is that it doesn’t cost much and provides the choice of using it to cover pillows and dress windows.

Materials such as these:


Raw materials used to make woven fabrics, burlap and muslin



Fabrics play an important role in decorating purposes. It can add authenticity to your home decorations. Aside from decoration purposes, fabrics also protect the pillows, bed, and window dressers. So it’s important to choose the right fabric for your home furniture and windows.


With these farmhouse fabrics that I have shown you, I’m sure you now have an idea of what to choose for your home. Just make sure the color and texture would go well with your furniture and the theme of your decor and would still have that modern look in your house!

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