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6 Tips for the Perfect Farmhouse Fireplace

            Farmhouse fireplace on a modern living room

Farmhouse Fireplace

A home fireplace creates a great environment to relax and enjoy the warmth and comfort of your surroundings. It has become a trend nowadays for people to incorporate a farmhouse fireplace style into a modern design.

Let’s take a look at some decor ideas!

1. Add an art design to your fireplace.


Adding an art piece above your fireplace provides a modern yet rustic look. You can add an abstract piece, one of scenery or nature, or your favorite painting. Just like this farmhouse sign example below.


rustic fireplace

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2. Make a pile of firewood part of the design.


Pile up firewood inside your home beside the fireplace so you can warm up and cozy up anytime you want without having to go into the freezing air to get wood. Stacking them properly and neatly will add to that rustic theme you want for your modern home.


modern fireplace with bookshelf

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3. Try using concrete.


A concrete fireplace will stand out, especially with white shiplap walls—emphasizing the color and design of your wall and adding texture to it.


modern fireplace

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4. Add some meaningful decorations.


Adding some small decorations on top or beside the fireplace will make it look modern and elegant. Especially when you add items that hold memories of your loved ones.


elegant rustic fireplace

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5. Also, try a stone fireplace look.


A stone fireplace provides a clear visual of the rustic theme. The layers of stone will go perfectly well with a soft rug on the floor and a soft fur pillow.


country fireplace

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6. Go for a dark hue. 


Dark hue fireplaces highlight the surroundings of your home. They bring attention to your walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture.


modern, slick fireplace

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Fireplaces are used to create a warm ambiance and a relaxing atmosphere.

Choosing a fireplace design is a crucial part of your overall home design and theme. Most fireplace types would fit right away with Rustic Home styling because of its color palette and decorative style. It’s certainly important to choose the right balance of colors in a fireplace!

Now that you have these fireplace ideas for your modern home, it’s time for you to talk to your designer. Ask them which of these fireplace ideas would fit your home and/or how you can do a makeover of your existing fireplace.  

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