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How to Choose the Best Farmhouse Colors for Your Home

            Clean and organized rustic kitchen countertop

modern farmhouse paint colors

Modern Farmhouse Colors

Finding the perfect color for your home can be an intimidating chore.

Paint colors are always an interesting topic. After all, you have to look at your walls everyday! And even though you can easily change things up, it may cost you a lot.

Here are the popular farmhouse colors for this year that are all great bets to provide your home a fresh new look far into the coming years. You may have been wondering what color is the right fit for your space. Well, here’s a breakdown of each color and why it’s a great shade of paint to take your home to the next level this year.

Repose Gray

This color just simply goes well with every style. For someone who is a modern farmhouse fan, loves traditional decor all the way, or has keen eyes for a coastal farmhouse theme, then they would love this gray.  

This gray has no warm undertone so the color is perfect for woods, greys, whites, creams, and blues.  

Look at these:

bed with blue and white duvet


vintage white dining room


Country entraceway


Agreeable Gray

Agreeable gray is a staple farmhouse color. This is a great option for those with lots of cream-colored decors, oak furniture, and wood floors.

If you’re looking for a color to warm up your space while still brightening it, this is for you.

Check it out:

Rustic-themed living room


Country-themed dining room


Farmhouse entertainment area


Rain Washed

This color takes on a lot of forms in the light and would even work well as a fun accent wall color. It’s got lots of pluckiness while still keeping it neutral. If you’re someone who is looking for a calming color, this is your best bet.

Here are some samples:

Minimalist bedroom


Country-themed laundry room


rustic living area with fireplace                

Sea Salt

This is a great color from Sherwin Williams. With this color, the decor and the amount of natural light in the room can transform the appearance of the area to create an eye-catching appearance in any space, shifting between a muted blue-gray to a pale green-blue, or even a light gray.

For someone who loves the coastal farmhouse look, this is perfect for you.

Have a look:

minimalist white, rustic-theme on parts of the house


Modern rustic themed kitchen and dining area


Vintage bedroom



This color goes with everything and works well with light and dark furniture. It could make a smaller space feel bigger. If you’re looking for a perfect white, this is for you.

Like these:

Country-themed living area


Modern rustic kitchen area


Vintage restroom


With these color options that you’ve got, the next thing you can do is to go to the store and get samples. You can take as many paint swatches as you want... just don’t pick your color without testing it on the wall first!

To know that you are making the right decision, it would be a great idea to add a big block of swatches to your wall before painting. Then for a couple of days, let the color swatches play with the different shade of light to know exactly what each color looks like at any time of the day.

Now get to work and see what paint color brings up the new look in your home!


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