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Is Rustic Decor Right for Your Home?

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Rustic Decor for your Home

A beautiful home is good for your mental health. 

The designs you choose and the ideas you have for your home is a reflection of how you think. And certainly, there are different kinds of decor options to choose from for your home. 

If you love the country-chic, grounded charm of farmhouse design but don’t yearn to live in the country, allow me to introduce you to rustic decor.


The Origin of Rustic Decor

Today, what’s old is new.

A simple statement that is reflective of the design trends ranging from tabletop dinnerware to restaurant design to architecture and design. But where did rustic modern or farmhouse decor come from?

In Ali Hanan’s 2000 book,Modern Rustic: Natural Ideas for Contemporary Lifestyle, he said, “Creating the rustic modern look is an organic process that takes time and commitment. Some decorative touches... may take some effort tracking down, but the end result is timeless.”

This organic process has been sped up in the last several years. A driving force of its popularity is the foodservice industry. Convenience stores are becoming more like coffee shops, coffee shops are becoming more like restaurants, fast-casual restaurants are becoming more like fine dining, in many ways more rustic. Think worn wood, earth tones, and chalkboards.

According to a 2012 issue ofSan Diego Magazine, the trend took off in southern California between 2011 and 2012, with commercial establishments like bars and restaurants leading the way


Rustic Decor

Rustic decor furnishes the perfect combination of comforting, practical and fuss-free design, functional decor, set together to create a warm rustic interior. 

Here are some examples:


Farmhouse shelfFarmhouse round shelf


Saratoga Home Galvanized Canisters set

Saratoga Home Galvanized Napkin Holder

Rustic Farmhouse Decor

Rustic farmhouse decor is all about creating an organic and relaxed vibe where rustic decor ideas serve a dual purpose. Like comfortable furnishings, oak beams, and open fires.

Have a look: 

Saratoga Home Galvanized Salt and Pepper Shakers SetRustic toiletries set

Rustic decor can be applied in the different areas of your home. It can lift up the ambiance and mood of the room. 

Here are some examples of rustic decor in different areas of the home:


Living Room



Purpose and Practicality

You’ve probably noticed that with rustic interior design, everything has a purpose. All items have a reason for being there. 


Decor ideas for living rooms often include playful accessories and art and trinkets.rustic decorating ideas for living rooms should also include plenty of places to sit and blankets to keep cozy. 

Rustic rooms have everything you need in them, but they don’t have unnecessary clutter and there aren’t items without a purpose in the room.

You’re stripping back your home to celebrate the existing beauty of it, exposing the features and making the most of the existing quirks. 

If you have an awkward alcove, celebrate it by adding shelving to create your own library. If you have old rustic kitchen cabinets, work them into your new design. 

Fill your home with rustic spirit.


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