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Organization Made Easy: How to Hang Baskets on the Wall for Storage in Any Room

            Organization Made Easy: How to Hang Baskets on the Wall for Storage in Any Room

Look no further than hanging baskets on the wall if you're looking for a versatile and fashionable way to organize your home. 

This practical solution can not only add storage space to your home, but it can also uplift the look of any space while at it! Hanging baskets on the wall are a simple DIY project that only require a few supplies and tools

In this article, we'll show you how to hang basketson the wall for storage in any room and give you a few pointers to make the process easier

So start looking forward to a clutter-free space with useful baskets for organizing your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Let's get started and discover how to store things by hanging baskets on the wall!

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Table of Contents:

I. Selecting the Right Baskets

II. Preparing Your Wall

III. Hanging the Baskets

IV. Using Baskets for Different Rooms
V. Final Thoughts


I. Selecting the Right Baskets

Selecting the Right Baskets

When choosing baskets for hanging on the wall, 
consider the size, material, and style of the basket to ensure that it complements the room's decor and serves its intended purpose. 

Here are some pointers on how to select the best baskets  for your wall storage:

  1. Size: Measure the space where you want to hang the basket(s) before purchasing to ensure that it fits properly and does not look out of place. Choose a basket that is deep enough to hold your items but not so large that it dominates the wall.
  2. Materials: Baskets are made from a variety of materials, including wicker, wire, metal, and fabric. The material you select will be determined by your personal preferences as well as the look you want to achieve. Wicker baskets, for example, can give off a rustic or bohemian vibe, whereas wire baskets can give off a more modern, industrial vibe.
  3. Style: Baskets come in various styles, including open, closed, and woven. The style you choose will depend on the type of items you want to store in the basket and the overall look of the room. Open baskets are great for storing items you want to access easily, while closed baskets can provide a neater appearance and hide clutter.
  4. Color: Baskets can add a pop of color to a room or blend in with the existing decor. Consider the color of your walls and furniture when selecting a basket color to ensure it complements the room.

II. Preparing Your Wall

Preparing Your Wall

Before hanging your baskets on the wall, you should make sure the surface is ready so that the baskets are secure and in the right place. 

Here's how to get your wall ready for basket storage:

  1. Identify the studs: Find the wall studs where you want to hang your baskets by using a stud finder. Using a pencil, mark the spots. If the baskets do not line up with the studs, consider using specialized anchors to ensure a secure installation.
  2. Mark the positions of the baskets: Mark where you want to hang your baskets by using a measuring tape and a level. Make sure that the marks are even so that the baskets will hang straight.
  3. Install the parts: Depending on the size and weight of the baskets, install the right hanging hardware. Use picture hangers or adhesive strips for smaller, lighter baskets. For larger, heavier baskets, use screws and anchors to affix them to the wall. Make sure to use the right hardware for the type of wall you have.
  4. Final touches: Install the hardware, then hang the baskets on the wall. Make sure the baskets are level and securely attached to the wall. If you need to, make adjustments to make sure the baskets are straight and secure.

III. Hanging the Baskets

Hanging the Baskets

Now that your wall has been prepared, let’s hang those baskets! This is how you can do it:

  1. Gather your tools: A drill, screws, anchors (if required), a level, a pencil, and the proper hardware for your baskets.
  2. Install the hardware: You'll need to fasten the hardware to the baskets, depending on the style of basket and hardware you're using. S-hooks or wire can be used to hang wire baskets from the hardware. You can make a loop out of wire or rope to hang baskets made of wicker or fabric.
  3. Put the baskets up: Holding the basket against the wall, mark the location of the hardware using the earlier marks you made. Drill pilot holes for the screws, then use screws and anchors to fasten the hardware to the wall (if necessary). 
  4. Evenly space the baskets: Evenly space your baskets to make an attractive arrangement. Use a measuring tape and level to ensure the baskets are evenly spaced. To add visual interest, think about arranging the baskets in a pattern or organizing them by size or color.

You can hang your baskets on the wall with ease by following these instructions, creating a stylish and useful storage solution. 

To prevent any mishaps, take your time and double check that the baskets are mounted to the wall firmly

IV. Using Baskets for Different Rooms

Using Baskets for Different Rooms

Baskets are a versatile storage option that can be used in 
any room of the house

Here are some ideas for using baskets for storage in different rooms:

  1. Kitchen: Use baskets to put snacks, baking supplies, or spices away in the kitchen. You can also put dish towels or cooking tools in baskets on the counter.
  2. Bathroom: Baskets are a great way to keep things like hair products, makeup, and shaving supplies organized. You can also store extra rolls of toilet paper, towels, and washcloths in baskets.
  3. Bedroom: Use baskets to store extra blankets, pillows, or linens. Also store things like scarves, hats, and jewelry.
  4. Living Room: Baskets are great for keeping magazines, books, and remote controls in the living room. Consider putting your extra throw blankets or pillows in baskets.
  5. Entryway: Use baskets to organize shoes, hats, and scarves in the mudroom. Mail or keys may also find a home in convenient hanging baskets. 

V. Final Thoughts

In conclusion, adding storage and organization to any room in your house is simple and inexpensive when you hang baskets on the wall. 

You can create a practical and fashionable storage solution that increases the value of your home by carefully choosing the right baskets, preparing your wall, and hanging the baskets.

In addition to being a great way to keep your home organized and clutter-free, baskets also give your decor a little extra flair and personality.

Baskets are a flexible and useful storage option that can be used in any room, from the kitchen to the bathroom, to store a variety of items.

Excited to hang up your own baskets? Visit your neighborhood hardware shop or shop online for a selection of baskets that fit your needs and preferences.

You can quickly design a special and useful storage solution that works for you with a little imagination and some simple tools.

So start hanging baskets and let us know how it goes in the comments section. Here’s to your organizing success!

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